We know how to make orthosis even better!

Wide range of orthotic solutions in variety of colours, designs and parameters. Astonish your patients with a new line of orthotic products.

Meet our orthoses

Foot Orthosis

Truly made to measure, based on a 3D scan of your foot and thanks to 3D printing technology now lighter and so thin that will fit your fav pair of shoes!

Supramalleolar Orthosis

Need a bit more support to correct an ankle valgus or varus? Get an ultralight, breathable SMO which perfectly aligns your foot in frontal plane at the same time allowing you to move your ankle freely in a sagittal plane.

Toe-Walking Orthosis

Don't we all struggle to find a solution to stop a toe-walking gait pattern? Forget heavy, motion limiting orthoses. Let your patient be active and dynamic again! Try our TWO.

Hinged Ankle Foot Orthosis

Freedom means being able to change your mind. This is what we give you with brand-new, 3D printed plantarflexion block ankle joints! Play with shank inclination during fitting and decide what works best for your patient. Change the alignment during rehabilitation process and help them walk that extra mile!

Solid Ankle Foot Orthosis

Keep it simple, keep it classy, keep it fixed. Maintain both foot and ankle joint alignment just like you desire with modern, breathable and a veeery pretty SAFO from Ortheo3D.

Configurate your orthosis

Choose your design out of multiples colours and patterns!
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Get to know a modern orthotic solution

Offer beautiful 3D printed products, which let your patients maximise their potential. Shorten time needed for assessment and improve effectiveness of orthoses. Say goodbye to plaster cast in order to effortlessly 3D scan with correction. Make the most of AI-based ordering module and be more productive with less effort.